Swimming Micro Robot


A micro-robot performance can be evaluated by the ratio of it’s workspace to its own size. If the task contains mechanical interaction, the micro-robot performance includes also the possible force for a limited volume. The force and workspace criterions usually contradict each other and therefore the micro-robot will be evaluated to fit a given task.
There are micro-robots that have a mobile workspace such as walking, swimming and flying micro-robots. The evaluation of those micro-robots is based on the ratio between the useful power output and of power consumed by it. In autonomous micro-robots, other components have to be taken into account. Components as the power source (PS) and other actuators that are used for manipulation (AM).
In order to evaluate an autonomous micro robot a combined model has to be derived. The model has to include the following components (See ýFigure 3):


An attractive option is the imitate a bio-locomotion:

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