Welcome to my Web site!

I am a PhD student at the Mechanical Engineering Department. To learn more about me please look at my resume

My research area is: Robotic Systems for Orthopedic Applications. I also focus my research on projective geometry and line geometry tools for analysis and synthesis of parallel robots.
I am currently teaching the courses: Mechatronics, Introduction to Robotics, and Advanced Robotic Lab. 



Office hours: Tuesday 11:30-13:30.
My office: 367 Lady Davis Building
Tel.: (972-4) 8370450
E-mail: alonw@tx.technion.ac.il
Fax: (972-4) 8292081
Mailing address: 367 Lady Davis Building
                          Department Mechanical; Engineering
                          Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
                          Technion City, Haifa 32000, Israel

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